Children’s “Flame” Android Tablet with “free” Silicone Cover and Teddy Stand


Children's Android Tablets full loaded with Kids apps. It features a kids mode and Standard android mode, so these tablets will grow with your children as you can change the controls and the apps as they grow.

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Children’s quad core Android Tablets with Kids own desktop and Parental Control, Your child has their own Desktop preloaded with their games and apps, you can control exactly what your child has on their desktop, then you can access the normal full android system with your password, you can download anything from the google playstore and add it to your child’s desktop. The good thing about this tablet is that once set it will always boot into child mode and the child cannot access anything you haven’t given authorisation for, they cannot get out of child mode and they cannot access settings or “mess” about with anything they shouldn’t!
What’s more these tablets will grow with your children as you can change the controls and the games/apps as they grow, right up to the point when they can use it as a normal android pad and not in the child mode.
These can Stream TV, Kidstube, Movies and will run all android apps & Games. It has 2 cameras (front) and (Back with led flash).
FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY we are giving you a Premium silicone case, with a strong purpose build teddybear stand, so children stand the tablet up to watch it, all the tablets are coloured with strong plastic casing but this cover will provide extra safety against bumps and knocks and they come in the same matching colours as the tablets themselves. These covers are removable and normally retail at £12.99 but if you purchase a tablet now you will get one for free in your package.
The Tablets are KID PROOF British CE Certified with Android 4.4 KitKat tablet PC. 7″ Portable size tablet PC perfect for travelling or taking out with you.
It has a Micro SD Slot and will take a card up to 32GB which will expand the capacity of the Tablet to 36GB It also has a mini USB port with a standard USB adapter for it, so you can use a flash stick with it, which means you can download movies etc onto a flash stick or micro SD card and your child can watch them whilst out and about without the need for WIFI.
7″ Responsive High res IPS screen 1280×800 5 Point multi-touch screen.
Crystal clear display.
Fastest Quad Core Processor + Quad Core Graphic Processor, 4 X faster than a single core processor.
3000 mAh battery (3hrs worktime) or (5-6 hrs standby)
8GB flash memory, 32GB SD card memory slot.
You can connect to the internet using latest Wi-Fi, and stream movies, use chrome browser, download latest apps from Google Play store like (E-Reader, KidsTube, Facebook, Minecraft, Video Star, Twitter, CBeebies). Schools choice for mathematics (UK school homework app). Connect to your devices using Bluetooth.
Great tablet for Android starters; it’s robust, quick and easy for any age to use.
Fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, making it easy to connect and share with friends and family.
iWAWA, a safe kids mode, which provides child friendly interface and access to age-appropriate web content, including games and videos. You can also import your own applications to this for your child. This has already been set up and games and applications installed for you.
Your Tablet is available in Pink, Blue, Orange, Green
With Over 100,000 applications available with Google PlayStore. Just £50 including the Case and Stand and additional Micro USB to standard USB lead.


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